We here at RIP have been working hard to do more to bring you exciting events and opportunities, like our brand new Lamplight Tours of Rome (http://www.lamplighttours.com/ ). Because we are anticipating a very exciting year, we want to keep you better informed. We will be using this space to tell you about our adventures and investigations, as well as keep you in the loop for our upcoming events.
For starters, members of our team will be roadtripping to Salem, MA the weekend of April 10th, for Salem Con. We are very excited to be seeing John Zaffis again, a good friend of RIP, as he will be there, as well as some other big names in the paranormal like Jeff Belanger and Dustin Pari. Stay tuned for reports from historic and haunted Salem!
In addition, some RIP members will also be attending the New Jersey ParaUnity Expo on April 18th. We are looking forward to seeing what information they bring back from that as well.
And speaking of John Zaffis, it looks like he will be joining us in August this year for another spooky night at the Shoppes at the Finish Line in Utica, NY. We are still hammering out the details, but watch for information on tickets soon.
Later in the fall, we will have another special event at the Rutgers Mansions. Those of you who attended last year know what a privilege it was to be able to investigate in one of our area’s most important historical landmarks. Keep an eye out too, for some fun and informative lectures and presentations at local locations like the Jervis Library in Rome. If there are topics that you’d like our fine presenters to cover, contact us and let us know! Remember, we are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Stay Spooky, my friends!