100x100 DVR system

Digital Video Recorder
Also known as night-vision, IR video cameras are used to see clearly  in a completely dark environment. In the dark, investigators often  head knocks, bangs, movement, and other noises that cannot be seen. With the help of stationary IR video cameras hooked up to a digital  video recorder, investigators can later go back and review the video at  the time they heard the unexplained noises. Sometimes the video  catches objects moving on their own, strange mists, outlines of  human figures moving, and various other examples of valid  paranormal activity.

100x100 digital camera

Digital Camera
In much the same way that human’s can’t always hear spirit voices,  not all spirit activity can be seen with the naked eye either. If an area  suddenly becomes active with paranormal activity, barrages of  photos are often taken to see if anything has imprinted itself on the  image. Everything from orbs (highly debated), mists and vapors, faces,  all the way to the much sought after full-body apparition, can  be recorded in the image. While film cameras used to be the standard  for paranormal investigators, the quality and sensitivity and  affordability of high end modern digital cameras lends themselves to  use in the paranormal field.

100x100 night shot recorders

Digital IR/UV Camera
The IR/UV digital camera, AKA Full Spectrum Camera, is closely  related to the standard digital camera, with the exception that it does  not capture visible light. There is a filter built into the lens which  only captures information from the infra-red and ultraviolet  spectrums. Nobody really knows how spirits operate, or in what level  of energy or reality they reside at. As such, the full spectrum camera is  just one more tool that is used to stretch our reach beyond the  normal visible light spectrum, and it has been used with good results  to help document paranormal activity.

100x100 audio recorders

Digital Voice Recorder
A digital voice recorder electronically stores audio content for later  use. It is used in the paranormal field due to the fact that sometimes a  spirit will try to speak, but humans are not always able to hear it. An  imprint of this spirit communication is often captured on audio  recording equipment, can later be analyzed either by the human ear  or through the use of audio filter software on a computer. This  imprint is known as an Electronic Voice Phenomenon or EVP for  short.

100x100 K2 & EMF

EMF Meter
EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields, and EMFs are simply natural  areas of energy within our environment that are either naturally or  artificially created. It is a documented fact that in areas the exhibit paranormal activity, fluctuations in the electromagnetic field are  often present without any reasonable cause. The EMF meter allows  investigators to measure this field, and even track its size, distance,  and movement. Oftentimes, in an area of paranormal activity, the  EMF field will steadily rise, and this can be felt by humans in the area  (nausea, agitation, skin sensitivity, etc.). This sudden rise may  culminate with some paranormal event, whether it’s the movement  of an object, a voice being heard, etc. While this is only a temporary   phenomenon, man-made electromagnetic fields are not healthy for  long-term exposure. These can be generated by electronic devices, unshielded electrical systems, and many other causes.

The KII (or K2) meter is a special type of EMF detector that also  measures milligauss energy pockets that surround the device. This  tool is widely used when attempting spirit communication. Because  of its amazing ease of use, it is a favorite in spirit hunting circles. As  the lights light up from green through red, this relates to the change  in EMF strength surrounding the device. It is often thought that  telling a spirit to “make the lights light red” is easier than trying to  explain to the spirit to “register a 5.5 on the EMF meter”. This  simplicity and proven track record make this tool incredibly useful. Ambient Thermometer – Digital thermometers are important tools  for the spirit hunter. Spirits are known to draw energy from  surrounding areas in order to affect some sort of change in our  physical environment (noise, movement, etc.). One way that spirits  draw this energy is through heat. Oftentimes, when spirit activity is  present, there will be pockets of air that are extremely cold in  comparison to other areas of the room. Thermometers give  quantitative evidence of this change and can allow an investigator to  measure the cold area, or track it around the room if it is motile. The  use of a non-contact (laser) thermometer will measure the  temperature of surfaces, while an ambient thermometer will measure  the temperature of the air. Both tools are vitally important.

250x250  motion detectors

Motion Detectors
Wireless motion detectors are important for determining whether or  not there is movement in a room. If a room is completely empty, and  there is no source for internal movement, the motion detector can  alert the investigator to potential paranormal activity. Breezes,  animals, insects, doors/windows and other factors must be closely  monitored when using a motion detector, but in a controlled  environment they provide for some pretty impressive results.

White Noise Generator
There is research out there that backs up the use of white noise  generators when conducting EVP sessions. The two schools of  thought indicate that first, spirit voices can be more clearly heard  with the white noise as a background sound and second, spirits can  use the audio signal as a source for creating their own auditory  phenomenon. This is a widely debated tool, but one that we keep in  our arsenal, nonetheless.

250x250 flashlights

Flashlight, Pen and Paper
An LED flashlight of course for investigating and it is also very bright  and energy efficient. You also need something to take notes with to  record those memorable moments.

250x250 Custom Gear

Custom Equipment
Since there are no concrete facts when it comes to the paranormal  field, likewise there is no standardized equipment used to detect  paranormal activity. Rather, the vast majority of the equipment used  is environmental detection and sensor equipment. However, based  on observation and collected data from the existing instrumentation  currently being used, new equipment can be made to fine tune the  detection techniques for paranormal activity. Rome Investigators of  the Paranormal is one of the few paranormal groups in existence that designs, tests, and deploys custom detection tools. All equipment is  designed and constructed in-house, and is utilized in our  investigations to enhance our detection capabilities.

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