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Pete & Dave, along with other members of R.I.P. have a deep love of spreading knowledge. One way that this is accomplished is through the creation of unique, interesting, educational, and useful materials designed to aide, enlighten, and entertain those interested in the paranormal.

The list of works created by Pete & Dave grows constantly. Whether it is unique standalone works, or additions to their Logbook series, or their Armchair Paranormal series, watch for new releases HERE before they hit Amazon and Barnes & Noble!



If The Walls Start To Bleed… is the riveting account of Pete & Dave’s childhood in an old family home, close to the site of many historic battles, landmarks, and tragedies. Both cousins chronicle their memories of childhood, including the unique paranormal encounters that they both shared. When read side-by-side, an amazing similarity develops, and both accounts of childhood parallel. Some events are too strange to believe, yet they were recounted in detail by both cousins, and supported by similar experiences shared by other family members. The later half of the book is a guide for anyone interested in the paranormal, amateur and seasoned investigator alike. This is one book that is not to be missed. Whether you are a believer or not, this book will put the paranormal into a whole new perspective.



The Art of Historical Paranormal Research is Pete’s solution to a field that is riddled with conjecture, inaccuracy, and lore. So many people go into locations armed with little to no knowledge of the current state of the location/land, let alone knowledge of the history and inhabitants of the location for the past several generations. In this book Pete outlines key sources for locating relevant information about a particular location or family. Armed with this information, a paranormal investigation group can go into a location armed with key names, dates and events of a location’s past in order to target questioning for EVP, K-II, or other related Q&A tests. This information is also vital in helping to debunk certain claims within a location. Every team should have a dedicated Historian, and this book is a MUST  for understanding the basic and advanced techniques for location historical material.



The Logbook of Paranormal Activity is part of a three book series being developed by R.I.P., and it is a one-of-a-kind book within the paranormal community. This is a book as well as a tool. The motivation for creating the Logbook is due to a common question that we are asked during investigations. Homeowners always want to know what they can do or purchase to begin investigating their own home. The answer is always the same: DO NOT INVESTIGATE YOUR OWN HOME! We explain the warning and possible repercussions, and then describe how to create a journal of activity in their homes or locations. Unfortunately, the details are lengthy and people generally forget to document some of the most trivial yet important facts. There has never been a guide before to aide people in paranormal journal creation, so we created the entire 366-day journal. It is packed with dated fill-in-the-blank pages, and it also provides a comprehensive introductory section with some basic paranormal information, and a lengthy and detailed glossary. If you or someone you know are experiencing paranormal activity, this can be the most important tool you can buy to help document what is happening!



Armchair Paranormal is a revolutionary new book series, under development by the Rome Investigators of the Paranormal. Many books that provide an overview of a city’s or region’s paranormal locations do so in a very cursory and generic method. A page or two is dedicated to a particular location, and then attention is turned to the next location. There can be little understanding or appreciation for a location, its history, the storied claims of activity, or what actually transpired during investigations. Armchair Paranormal is different. The entire book is devoted to a particular location that R.I.P. has explored. It is filled with historical detail, historical and current photos, and the reader is taken on a walk-along of an overnight investigation. Every detail is provided. Every tool and technique is divulged. Every unusual occurrence is spotlighted. In the end, after a thorough evidence review, all accounts of activity are presented. Anything that can be debunked is described, and the reader is left with a COMPREHENSIVE understanding of what went on in the location’s past and present, as well as all claims of paranormal activity. If the thought of going on an actual investigation makes your spine tingle, but you have always wanted to see what it is like, this is the series for you!



Mom and Dad’s Rome Cooking is a truly unique work by Pete. A very capable and delicious cook, Peter wrote this work as a tribute to his parents who also had a flair for cooking. Contained within these pages are traditional, historic, ethnic, and comfort food recipes that Pete grew up with in Rome, New York. Interspersed with the recipes are historic photos of old Rome, hand selected from Pete’s enormous archive of historic Rome material. If you or a loved one are from Rome, or if you know someone who is, this is one cookbook that you will want to dig in to (and be sure to try some of the traditional Italian Christmas cookie recipes too!) – this book also makes a GREAT gift!

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