Public Events

RIP-Dave-Pete-Rich-LOW-RESThe Rome Investigators of the Paranormal are event specialists in the paranormal community. Pete, Dave and Rich are frequent presenters for a myriad of paranormal-themed events throughout the Northeast. With a range of captivating presentations on numerous specialized subjects, your audience will be left engrossed in the team’s informative, interactive, entertaining and nail-biting presentations.


Presentations aren’t the only specialty of R.I.P. though. The team creates specialized events from the ground-up for a variety of organizations, benefits and holidays. Of particular importance are the historical fundraisers that R.I.P. organizes. To date the team has hosted more than two dozen such fundraisers for area organizations. At one Northern New York Historical Society, the proceeds brought in at a R.I.P. organized event were enough to cover the venue’s entire winter heating bill. To say that the hosts were pleased is a monumental understatement. Most of R.I.P.’s events wind up with standing room only. On countless occasions, venues have organized follow-up events to accommodate the overflow from R.I.P.’s initial event. If your organization is looking for a unique fundraiser, please get in touch with our team. We would be thrilled to work with you.

While the members of R.I.P. are truly captivating, sometimes venues are looking to supplement our events with a paranormal celebrity. If that is the case, we have you covered. Our team has connections with all of the big-name paranormal celebrities from all of the television shows. Our member Rich Nikodem is a paranormal celebrity booking agent, and his roster is extensive. R.I.P. has successfully partnered with numerous paranormal celebrities over the years, and the events were home-runs!



Our booth events are legendary, and we set up throughout the Northeast…. from small scale village venues to national conventions (Scare-a-con, Phenome-con, etc.). We always list locations where we will be setup on our website as well as our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Feel free to come and see us – we are always thrilled to meet people, to talk about personal experiences, and to provide any information that we can.





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