Our Mission:

The mission of the Rome Investigators on the Paranormal is to revolutionize the field of paranormal research though the use of state-of-the-art equipment and scholarly research techniques. All  cases are handled with the utmost professionalism and discretion,  and our aim is to offer assistance and support to those affected by  paranormal activity.

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is simple – to treat each case with the utmost respect  and professionalism. Your location, whether it is a house, office, or  other site, is special to you, and it is special to us as well. It is our aim  to conduct our investigations gently and discretely, while providing  the most thorough examination within our powers.

By nature of the field that we are investigating, there are no concrete  certainties. As such, none of your claims will be lightly dismissed –  however, we will always start out by assuming a rational explanation  until proven otherwise. If, indeed, spirits may be present, it must be   remembered that at one point they likely had corporal bodies just as we do. Simply because the body is gone does not change the fact that  they were once physical people, and deserve the same level of respect  that you and I do.

Documented evidence is the goal of R.I.P. Although we may  personally experience phenomenon, those personal experiences cannot justify a categorization of “haunted” or “not haunted” based  on undocumented activity. However, those personal experiences can  factor in if they are backed up by the claims of the client, as well as  recorded paranormal evidence.

The paranormal is a field that is often questioned, criticized, and  feared. It is feared because people don’t understand it, and it is questioned and criticized because people try to understand it (with  many different levels of authority, credibility, apparent understanding, etc.). This is no different than what is experienced in  any nascent scientific field, such as quantum physics for example.   However, people don’t generally fear other scientific fields because they don’t have a personal connection or interaction with them on a  conscious level, as people often do with the paranormal. Walking in to  a room and seeing a strange person standing there for a fraction of  a second and then disappearing can be disconcerting for anyone,  but the underlying questions must be asked, was it real? Was it  imaginary? Why was it there? How did it get there? Where did it come  from or go to? Were any odd or fluctuating physical or  recordable effects present at the time? Was it interactive or was it  doing its own thing?

Despite all these questions, it seems clear that something lies beyond  this world, or beyond what we’re aware of. Is this an actual transitional destination that the spirit or soul moves to, or is it just a  natural environmental energetic phenomenon? Is this a religious phenomenon? Is it a physical or metaphysical phenomenon? Any way  you look at it, there is apparently a fine line between what happens in  our level of existence, and what happens beyond it. This line, at times,  becomes very fuzzy, and strange things are sometimes seen, heard,  felt, smelled, etc.

People don’t necessarily have to be “believers” or “non-believers” to  see that paranormal activity exists in this world. People must simply  admit that there are things in this world which are beyond our  current level of knowledge and comprehension. This is a simple fact.  People want to feel in control of their surroundings, and when  something paranormal happens, that sense of control is destroyed.  They find comfort in not acknowledging that anything else could  possibly exist in this world. However, this doesn’t need to be  something that is feared. Rather, it can simply be an opportunity for  learning and understanding. This simple process can often help to  restore that sense of control. That is why we exist. We are here to  help those in need, whether in this world or the next. We don’t claim  to know everything, but collectively we pool our knowledge,  experiences, talents, and we keep an open mind to what is going on  around us.

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